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  Aug 31, 2018
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WVOTA Membership

Why Become a Member of the WVOTA?

You get to be heard twice
That's right...I said twice! As a member in WVOTA your concerns are heard by WVOTA and taken to AOTA by your state RA Representative. If you are also a member of AOTA, then you can voice your concerns directly to AOTA, but being a member of both allows your concerns to be heard twice.

Current list of potential employers
WVOTA maintains a current list of employers with employment opportunities in the state of West Virginia and throughout the United States. This is list provided free of charge to current members via wvota.org and upon request via U.S. Mail.

Being a part of a healthcare profession you are required to maintain a certain level of competency. AOTA has adopted the use of two units of measure to recognized these efforts to maintain competency. The first is Continuing Education Units (CEU) and the second is Contact Hours. Continuing Education Unit (CEU) - are defined by AOTA as follows: One CEU is the equivalent of 1 hours of participation in a learning activity. In addition, programs that are assigned CEUs by AOTA have met key standards and criteria as outlined by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) in terms of organization, program planning & development, and evaluation. Contact Hours are defined by AOTA as follows: One contact hour is the equivalent of 60 minutes of participation in a learning activity. According to AOTA's web site WV requires 12 contact hours for both COTA and OTR's.

WVOTA is also providing very low cost continuing education opportunities. WVOTA also offers short in-services on current topics in Occupational Therapy after each of its meetings. These can be counted as CUE credits for those who attend. In the fall of every year WVOTA hosts an OT state conference. This state conference alone usually contains enough workshop sessions to completely fulfill all CEU's of any given year. This makes it very easy and convenient to get all required CEU's in one weekend and at greatly reduced cost. In some years such as the year 2000 WVOTA hosted the Great Southern Occupational Therapy Conference in Charleston, WV.

An organization to connect with other OT professionals

Semi-annual newsletter to help keep membership informed

West Virginia Occupational Therapy Association represents Occupational Therapy practitioners and works to expand the profession in the state.

Job Listings

No job listings available.

WVOTA is dependent upon membership of OTs and OTAs in the state to remain a viable organization.
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