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  Aug 30, 2018
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WVOTA Nomination Timeline

President and Treasurer are elected in even years - per bylaws.

Vice President and Secretary are elected in odd years - per bylaws.

  1. Call for nominations by September 1
  2. Nomination Form (we already approved form) is due to Nomination Committee by November 1
  3. Election ballots by email or electronic means are available March 1
  4. Election ballots by email or electronic means to nomination chair are due by March 31
  5. Our bylaws state elections will be held in the spring so this date should be fine
  6. New officers take office July 1, per bylaws

(approved 6/8/2017 - Executive Committee)

The position of President-elect is different from someone who was elected President, and is called "President-elect" between the time of election and the start of the term. For example, if an election for President was held in November, but the term of office doesn't begin until January, the person who was elected President may be called President-elect but does not hold any power until the term begins in January. On the other hand, someone in the position of President-Elect, has all the powers of that position that the bylaws provide.

Similarly, organizations may have other official positions such as Vice President-Elect, Secretary-, Treasurer-Elect, Director-Elect, and Chair-Elect.

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